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In the news: Flooding sweeps Kenya, displacing thousands

County governments have been asked to provide additional shelters due to concerns that coronavirus could spread due to overcrowding. Source link


By: Indigo Holtz – March 30, 2020 As I write this, our interconnected world has abruptly gone lights...

Another Strike Against Puerto Rico

The island is left with a nationwide power outage in the wake of the latest earthquake that hit Puerto Rico near 4:30 am this morning.

Raging Fires Continue to Devastate Australia

...thousands in Australia were forced to evacuate due to the unprecedented rage of wildfires threatening to destroy their homes, towns and wildlife.

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Gordon Chang: China Capitalizing on US Political Unrest

China is capitalizing on the political unrest in the United States, using its propaganda to suggest Democracy is broken and China's governance is...

Vietnam Court Rejects Appeal of ‘Constitution Group’ Protesters, Returning Them to Prison

An appeals court in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City on Friday upheld harsh prison terms handed down last year to four activists convicted...

250,000 small UK firms seen closing without more financial aid

At least 250,000 small British firms could close as government emergency aid package falls short, industry group warns. Source link

EMA says conclusion on AstraZeneca vaccine possibly by end of January

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said on Friday that a decision to authorise the use of the AstraZeneca/Oxford coronavirus vaccine could be made...

Erasmus and Brexit

No policy decision better encapsulates the entire Brexit process better than the UK’s decision to withdraw from the Erasmus Programme. For those in...