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In the news: ‘Horror’ and ‘shock’ at Libya mass graves

The discovery of dozens of bodies in the strategic town of Tarhouna is the latest in a series of atrocities in the 14-month...

For Sri Lanka’s activists, a ‘state of fear’ resurfaces

Another Rajapaksa era takes shape: surveillance, threats, and impunity for civil war atrocities. Source link

Libyan doctors battle on two dangerous fronts: COVID-19 and war

Guns, shelling, and armed men were already a major concern for Libya’s healthcare workers. Now they are trying to deal with COVID-19 too. Source...

Inflation, shortages worsen Syrian poverty on eve of new US sanctions

US sanctions alone might not have caused this economic crisis, but they’re certainly not helping. Source link

In the news: A deadly 48 hours leaves 50 dead in Burkina Faso

As the country’s insecurity gets rapidly worse, some are suggesting it might be time to try negotiating with the jihadists. Source link

Lockdown deaths, Afghan gender imbalances, and Libyan meddlings: The Cheat Sheet

A weekly read to keep you in the loop on humanitarian issues. Source link

Thousands of Malian refugees flee Burkina Faso camps after attacks

With conflict closing in and COVID-19 restrictions suspending repatriation assistance, many of the refugees are unsure where to go next. Source link

Islamist militants unmask as crisis mounts in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado

Large towns are coming under attack as a murky group steps out from the shadows. Source link

Peace in Afghanistan? Watch the militias

CIA-backed militias have a torrid history of political violence and civilian deaths. To attain a sustainable peace, they must be dealt with. Source link...

In the news: Tit-for-tat killings leave hundreds dead in South Sudan

A political vacuum in northeastern Jonglei state has led to months of inter-communal violence. Three aid workers are among the dead. Source link

COVID-19 border closure cuts off Idlib cancer patients from treatment

Restrictions intended to contain the pandemic have closed off a rare lifeline for Syrians with serious illnesses in the country’s northwest. Source link

In the news: US restricts Afghanistan airstrike data

Redacted figures, including drone strikes, are the latest military data to be restricted in a conflict that killed or injured 10,000 civilians in...

Must Read

China Says Hong Kong Primaries Show Attempt at 'Color Revolution'

China on Tuesday said last weekend's democratic primaries were an attempt at a "color revolution" in Hong Kong, citing a draconian security law...

Yasme Foundation Supporting Grant will Expand Reverse Beacon Network

The Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) will gain 15 new nodes, thanks to the Yasme Foundation. These new nodes will be added in regions...

Paper Clip Chain Activity is Quick Fun for Fine Motor Skills

Click here to read Paper Clip Chain Activity is Quick Fun for Fine Motor Skills on Hands On As We Grow® A quick paper...

FCC Announces Closing of Filing Window at its Headquarters

FCC Announces Closing of Filing Window at its Headquarters Source link

In Yemen, thousands of Ethiopian migrants stranded, COVID-19 likely widespread

Tens of thousands of Ethiopian migrants have been stranded in war-ravaged Yemen where they continue to be subjected to arbitrary detention and exposure...