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COVID-19’s double dangers for Venezuelan women in Colombia

Restrictions to try to contain the coronavirus have brought not only a tough economy but also added risks of sexual exploitation and abuse. Source...

Syria’s new crisis, Africa’s neglected nine, and race and power in aid: The Cheat Sheet

A weekly read to keep you in the loop on humanitarian issues. Source link

Coronavirus: A window of opportunity for action on migration?

The pandemic has thrown up some surprisingly positive developments for migrants’ rights, but cementing longer-term progress is another matter. Source link

Why working together on global migration is vital to pandemic recovery

With economic dislocation due to the coronavirus crisis set to drive new waves of migration, it’s time to guarantee basic rights for migrants. Source...

Return pressure builds as COVID-19 hits South Sudan displacement camps

Is the UN premature in encouraging people to leave its congested protection sites due to the threat of the coronavirus? Source link

What’s new besides coronavirus?

Coronavirus concerns are grabbing the headlines. But other crises haven’t stopped. Here’s a look at what else is going on. Source link

In the news: Greece reportedly using floating tents to deport asylum seekers

An online legal forum has documented what it believes to be at least 11 separate pushbacks on the inflatable rafts in the last...

Fear and uncertainty for refugees in Malaysia as xenophobia escalates

Refugees face job losses and dwindling food supplies, the threat of arrest or deportation, and the coronavirus itself. Source link

COVID-19 brings fear and discrimation to Venezuelans in Ecuador

Many Venezuelan migrants are choosing to leave Ecuador, which is witnessing one of the region’s worst coronavirus outbreaks. Source link

Why we Rohingya refugees risk our lives at sea

Hundreds of Rohingya have been cast adrift and left to die on the open seas. This is why refugees like me risk our...

COVID-19 compounds a long list of problems in Guatemala

Coronavirus is adding pressure on a country wracked by drought, poverty, and violence, and where there’s little by way of a social safety...

The shadow war on the Venezuela-Colombia border

Regional conflict between armed criminal groups is hurting people on both sides of the lawless frontier. Source link

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China Says Hong Kong Primaries Show Attempt at 'Color Revolution'

China on Tuesday said last weekend's democratic primaries were an attempt at a "color revolution" in Hong Kong, citing a draconian security law...

Yasme Foundation Supporting Grant will Expand Reverse Beacon Network

The Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) will gain 15 new nodes, thanks to the Yasme Foundation. These new nodes will be added in regions...

Paper Clip Chain Activity is Quick Fun for Fine Motor Skills

Click here to read Paper Clip Chain Activity is Quick Fun for Fine Motor Skills on Hands On As We Grow® A quick paper...

FCC Announces Closing of Filing Window at its Headquarters

FCC Announces Closing of Filing Window at its Headquarters Source link

In Yemen, thousands of Ethiopian migrants stranded, COVID-19 likely widespread

Tens of thousands of Ethiopian migrants have been stranded in war-ravaged Yemen where they continue to be subjected to arbitrary detention and exposure...