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UN launches sexual misconduct probe after incriminating car video emerges

The blurry video shows a woman straddling a man suggestively in a UN car in Tel Aviv. Source link

When the West falls into crisis

An online conversation about how #BlackLivesMatter, COVID-19, and the fragility of democratic institutions in the West are challenging how we define a crisis. Source...

Médecins Sans Frontières needs 'radical change' on racism: MSF president

As MSF considers its response to #BlackLivesMatter, the internal debates have become heated. Source link

We know more about fraud and abuse in aid. It’s time to stop it.

Stamping out wrongdoing in the sector will require more integrated risk management systems. It may also mean doing less, but doing it better. Source...

Aid mergers, stalled migration, and a Saudi-less ‘list of shame’: The Cheat Sheet

A weekly read to keep you in the loop on humanitarian issues. Source link

How ‘Ebola business’ threatens aid operations in Congo

Corrupt practices may have made the response to the first Ebola outbreak in an active conflict zone even harder than it had to...

Beyond lip service: Tackling racism in your development organisation

As a black American woman and international development professional, my first thought when I am deployed is: “how do they perceive and t Source...

Readers react | Debate on our Congo corruption investigation

Here’s what readers are saying. What do you think? Source link

UN vows to ‘maintain trust’ in Congo aid effort after damning review leaked

A top official said he was concerned about losing donor confidence over alleged kickbacks, and pledged to ‘carefully consider’ recommendations.  Source link

Coronavirus and aid: What we’re watching

Shuttered services, diverted resources, and emerging new crises: how COVID-19 is disrupting humanitarian efforts. Source link

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked review exposes scale of aid corruption and abuse in Congo

The web of exploitation and extortion involves UN and NGO staff, militias, businesses, and local officials. The losers? The most vulnerable. Source link

EXCLUSIVE: Congo aid scam triggers sector-wide alarm

One NGO lost $639,000 in a few months. Investigators and aid officials believe similar fraud schemes went undetected for over a decade. Source link...

Must Read

China Says Hong Kong Primaries Show Attempt at 'Color Revolution'

China on Tuesday said last weekend's democratic primaries were an attempt at a "color revolution" in Hong Kong, citing a draconian security law...

Yasme Foundation Supporting Grant will Expand Reverse Beacon Network

The Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) will gain 15 new nodes, thanks to the Yasme Foundation. These new nodes will be added in regions...

Paper Clip Chain Activity is Quick Fun for Fine Motor Skills

Click here to read Paper Clip Chain Activity is Quick Fun for Fine Motor Skills on Hands On As We Grow® A quick paper...

FCC Announces Closing of Filing Window at its Headquarters

FCC Announces Closing of Filing Window at its Headquarters Source link

In Yemen, thousands of Ethiopian migrants stranded, COVID-19 likely widespread

Tens of thousands of Ethiopian migrants have been stranded in war-ravaged Yemen where they continue to be subjected to arbitrary detention and exposure...