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Conflict in Libya: Human cost mounts a year into Haftar offensive

Victims' families are likely to wait for a long time to get justice, if they get it at all. Source link

Georgia reopens beaches despite coronavirus 'shelter-in-place' order

Gov. Brian Kemp reopened all of Georgia’s beaches this week, even as he issued a “shelter-in-place” order to combat the coronavirus. Source link

Australian children remain trapped in al-Hawl camp as region braces for coronavirus

Fresh calls for Australia to repatriate its citizens amid fears the camp is vulnerable to a Covid-19 outbreakSign up for Coronavirus: Australia at...

Libya: Coronavirus outbreak could be 'catastrophic' for migrants

Experts warn of dangers facing the 700,000 refugees and migrants already subjected to 'unimaginable horrors' in Libya. Source link

Ohio inmate alleges COVID-19 outbreak in prison, lack of testing, threats of retaliation

An Ohio inmate is alleging a COVID-19 outbreak at one prison while Gov. DeWine announces 38 potential early releases. Source link