Another Strike Against Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Earthquake
Puerto Rico Earthquake

The island is left with a nationwide power outage in the wake of the latest earthquake that hit Puerto Rico near 4:30 am this morning. Reported at a magnitude of 6.4, the quake was strong enough to spin off a small Tsunami and severely damage numerous large buildings and roads surrounding the municipality of Guayanilla. This was the second destructive earthquake to hit the region in the past 24 hours. The first quake at a magnitude of 5.8 was reported by BBC to have destroyed the popular Stone Arch of Punta Ventana along with numerous homes, cars and buildings. 

The most difficult part of this destruction is that the island is far from spring boarding from hurricane Maria in 2017, which was reported by the government to have cost an unbelievable 2,975 lives and $94.4 billion dollars in damages sustained. Mercy Corps reports that after Maria, repairs to power grids & water were exceptionally slow. Some locations were without power for nearly a year, leading to a sharp population decline. As the past 24 hours have unfolded, the just under 3,000,000 who remain on the island await aftershocks, news that power will be restored and a message of hope that this nature’s nightmare will soon be over. 

The following are links to organizations directly helping Puerto Rico’s residents, published today by the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Hispanic Federation

World Central Kitchen

Red Cross

Secure Americares

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